Richard Bosworth

Richard Bosworth, Business Strategist for the What If? Forums, shares his experiences of working with Quest PR.

"Working with Quest PR we have quadrupled membership numbers and the number of groups that we ran. In addition we reduced the membership acquisition cost by nearly a half. But the added bonus was from that programme we picked up a number of highly competent new chairs to run groups for us that we hadn’t expected.

"What attracted me to Quest PR, besides their energy and expertise was their ability to find an interesting new angle in any story which presented. In a way that appealed to our target audience, journalists and new editors, which meant that over eighty percent of the material that they produced, appeared in publications. Thus enabling them to guarantee a media exposure campaign for us.

"Never being ones to rest on their laurels, Quest PR helped me to become an early adopter in social media and extend my reach beyond Yorkshire and attract some very lucrative overseas opportunities. And through their guidance and hard work behind the scenes I’ve had a steady increase in the number of readers of my blog and the people that follow me on Twitter.

"Quest PR have proven themselves to be masters at harnessing and fusing together traditional PR and social media. And I look forward to working with them as we strive towards achieving some very ambitious targets for the ‘what if’ forums and I know from their past track record that were going to do that and exceed it."

Richard Bosworth, Business Strategist for the What If? Forums