Richard Cramer

Richard Cramer, Partner of Front Row Legal, shares his experiences of working with Quest PR.

“We've been on an interesting journey where we developed the brand, Quest came on board having worked with us on two previous seminars, have proved to be invaluable in that it's raised our profile - it's brought the seminars right to the front.

"We've also been able to work with Quest in developing our own website.  We spotted the opportunities in terms of tweeting, Facebook and Linked In.

"The third aspect where Q have been extremely helpful is opening doors in terms of PR in relation to sports related legal issues, with Liverpool Football Club in the High Courts and then selling the club and we've also ended up commenting on the sky sports story.

"Whenever there’s a news story that’s affecting sports and the law that we found that Quest are right at the cutting edge and they’ve been able to open up doors for us. As a result of that, we have been heavily promoted in the national media, ranging from newspapers, such as The Times, local papers, Sky Sports, Sky Sports News.

“We’ve been delighted; it’s been an excellent relationship.”

Richard Cramer, Partner of Front Row Legal