Mike McHugh & Kirsty McHugh

“The reason we’ve chosen to work with Quest PR is really that their a journalist lead business so they speak the same language as journalists.  They have fantastic connections and the content that they produce we know is going to be in a form that will be used by the organisation they deal with.

"They maximise the content across a whole variety of different media. Including newsletters that they help us produce but we can but they use a whole variety of different outlets such as the regional press, specialist trade press, competitions that organisations such as the Yorkshire Postman run. So wherever there’s an opportunity to get our message across to our target audience, we can rely on Quest to do that for us.

"They have also been fantastic in training our in-house marketing team in social media and video blogging and writing, and those things are going to help us expand our traditional PR into some more exciting areas which are going to help us get our message across to even wider section of our target audience.

"We’ve got lots of exciting ideas of how we’re going to develop and enhance our website and I’m sure Quest will be helping us all the way.”


Mike McHugh, Managing Director & Kirsty McHugh, Commercial Director of Hyco Manufacturing