Margaret Wood MBE

Margaret Wood MBE, Managing Director for ICW (UK) Ltd & Regional Chairman of the Institute of Directors in Yorkshire, shares her experiences of working with Quest PR.

“Quest was first recommended to me about five years ago. I have found them innovative, they have understood my business, they understood me and they’ve raised the profile of both business and myself during that time.

"I've also worked with them on submissions for awards, I've received the accolade of the Business of the Year for the Institute of Directors three years ago, We do a blog for The Manufacturer, which I'm very involved in and that was featured in the Daily Mail, on the careers section for manufacturing for women, which is one of my great passions.

"I can't recommend them highly enough and the nice thing about them - they're always welcoming and there's always a cup of tea here."

Margaret Wood MBE – Managing Director ICW (UK) Ltd,
Regional Chairman for the Institute of Directors in Yorkshire,
Elected Member of the Council for the Institute of Directors and
Panel Member for the Economic Drivers and Innovation for the Leeds City Region